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shiva statue  photo Shala

The Shiva & Krishna Loft

Our Shiva & Krishna Loft is a beautiful bright room of 210sqm
featuring a customed designed attic-like door opening right into
the centre of the room.
Once closed, this door becomes part of
the floor, creating an impressive open space for yoga, dance
and other events. The Loft has space to hang our aerial yoga hammocks.

This upstairs space also has a separate exit door, changeroom,
tearoom and bathroom.Yoga mats are available free of charge,
or you can bring your own. Blankets, blocks, belts, aerial
hammocks and bolsters are also available.

Take a look inside the Shive & Krishna Loft here... 

Our rooms can be rented. Usually this one is for larger groups.
Please read these conditions / details (german) and contact lucas

The Ganesh-Base 

Our smaller rectangular room has a 4.5 metre high ceiling and 80sqm, making
the room feel open and spacious, yet also intimate and cosy. This is a perfect
space for medium sized classes and workshops. Extending off the end of the
room we have a small storage space and two bathrooms.
Yoga mats, blankets, blocks and bolsters are available for your use.

Take a look inside the Ganesh-Base here...

This room can also be rented. Groups of less than 20 people have enough space here.
Please read these conditions / details (german) and contact lucas

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