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This year the Shala turns 20!! There are still many students who have been coming to the shala for almost as long! ´The journey has been incredible. Over this time we have seen beautiful teachers at the shala, amazing Kirtan, dance, cacao ceremonies, teacher trainings, workshops, gong baths, sound healings, international teachers, and many many students including children and babies walk,crawl, skip, and hop through our doors. Our initial vision has stood the test of time, our intention of bringing yoga to Innsbruck in a very down to earth way.

In 2003 our doors opened with only the downstairs room and half of the reception room. We began in a time where yoga was barely understood nor recognised in Innsbruck. We had no internet for several months and relied on word of mouth, posters and flyers to get the news out. I didn´t know a word of German (except for perhaps `Danke´) and Lucas had to continuously encourage me that to teach in english would be fine and even a bonus. And so we teach what was in our heart and students started coming. For about 3 years it was just Lucas and I teaching and as our personal relationship grew through this strong desire to bring yoga to Innsbruck, so too did our shala.

After we felt more settled with teaching it was time to grow from two to three, and Liam came into the world in 2006. Soon after in 2007 we signed the contract to rent the upstairs yoga space - a huge renovation stood before us and a month later we found out i was pregnant with Maya. Lucas spent almost a year renovating and teaching nearly all the classes by himself. Together with his brother they designed and built the impressive big door which closes the upstairs room and gives this space it´s magic. We opened this space with an amazing kirtan event by Dave Stringer and friends.

Fast forward to now 2023 and our shala has grown from 2 teachers to currently over 15! All beautiful, unique and special. We are eternally grateful for this space, for YOU, the teachers, and the life we have created here in Innsbruck. To help celebrate we have a couple things on our mind but first up - 

More News:

~ Evi´s Klasse am Dienstags um 08:45 is leider bis herbst pausiert!

~ Über Ostern sind auch ein paar Stunden pausiert - bitte auf die homepage schauen

Noch mehr workshops / events im shala: 

~ 26 März /30 April/21 Mai/25 Juni, Sonntags 18-20 Uhr : 1 x pro monat Faszien yoga mit Jade

~ Freitag 31 März 19:00 Uhr : Yoga dance, flow on beat mit Liz 

~ 07 April 18:30 - 20:30 : Shakti yoga essentials masterclass mit  Jennifer Porpaczy 

~ Ab 12 April : Meditation kurs mit Jade

~ Samstag 22 April 20:00 - 22:00 Uhr + : Mantras & Healing Songs Concert mit Alex Atlantis & Janice 

~ April / Mai 2023 - Yin Yoga teacher training with Alex - ausgebucht! Es gibt aber eine Warteliste!

~ Freitag 26 Mai 17-19 Uhr : Arm Balance workshop mit Alex - details kommen

~ Sonntag 18 June  Ab 10 Uhr - The Shala Turns 20! Free Yoga & Pot Luck Brunch!


For more workshops / events please visit our website!!



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